We all know what LA looks like when it rains hard. Think of streets turning into streams,  waterfalls cascading down sidewalks, and canoes cruising down boulevards. Okay, maybe not that last one, but you get the idea.

All that stormwater not only looks gross, but it can also cause flooding and destruction. Even worse, this dirty water flows to the LA River, polluting the water and harming flora and fauna!


The Bowtie Demonstration Project will turn a brownfield into wetlands, creating habitats for local wildlife such as birds, and insects.

The contaminated soil will be removed and replaced with clean soil, native plants, and walkways. What once was a railyard, and now is a brownfield site, otherwise known as a brownfield, will become a site of restoration and growth that benefits the community. It’s a win-win!


The LA River has been a gathering place 
for centuries. People first settled in this area being drawn to the river waters. But sadly, over time, the river has become neglected and forgotten. Taking care of this site is a way to take care of something that took care of us before.

Imagine a space where everyone is welcome.
A place where you can spend time with your friends and family.
From walking to cycling,
from picnics to post-lunch naps
and everything in between.
Surrounded by nature,
breathing fresh air, every step of the way.


Wetlands are known as the lungs of the Earth – and they can be like oases in the concrete jungle of urban areas. They are territories where the ground is soaking wet for at least part of the year. These moist lands give life to healthy ecosystems – acting as natural water filters, preventing erosion, and nurturing a diverse range of plant and animal species. A wetland in a city can also help moderate temperatures nearby and improve air quality. Not too bad for a chunk of mud, is it?